Authors’ Praise for David Stifel’s Performances

The Strategy Mindset - by Dr. Chuck Bamford

“ First of all, thanks so much the work you did on this audiobook. Not only were you amazingly efficient, but I loved the way you got and delivered the sarcasm and nuance of the book. Your delivery, cadence and tone are excellent. ”

Dr. Chuck Bamford

Jonathan Swift: His Life and His World by Leo Damrosch

“ I've just downloaded your audiobook reading of my Swift biography, and I want to tell you how very pleased I am with it. Your interpretation of my voice, though certainly more expressive than my actual voice, seems entirely appropriate to me; your emphases and pauses are excellent; and I admire the way you set off quotations with intonations and accents that will help the listener to take them in. ”

Leo Damrosch, first email

“ Just a note to say that I've heard your rendition all the way through and my appreciation only increased as I went along. In addition to doing the voices so well, you interpreted the poetry exactly right. And, if it isn't presumptuous to say this, there is a note of intelligence all the way through that I'm most grateful for. ”

Leo Damrosch, subsequent email

Lizard World by Terry Richard Bazes

“ Let me say again how delighted I am by your reading. It is a genuine virtuoso performance -- your voice is funny, subtle, infinitely variable. It is, I think, the perfect reading of Lizard World. Thank you so much for bringing your gifts to my work ”

Terry Richard Bazes

The Blood Soaked Series by James Crawford

“ Kudos to my narrator, by the way. You can hear his comfort with the characters. I also get the feeling he likes them. What surprised the hell out of me is that I actually got weepy at my own storyline once or twice!” ”

James Crawford

Oak Hollow by Kristopher Rufty

“ I really enjoyed your work and have already begged [the publisher] for you to do more. ”

Kristopher Rufty

Shattered Wings by Bryan Healey

“ Your reading of the final 60 minutes nearly brought me to tears. Fabulously done, thank you very much! ”

Bryan Healey

It Waits Below by Eric Red

“ Great job of reading, David! Your performance is rousing, with such an exciting interpretation of the material. It was a huge thrill for me listening to it. So much thanks! ”

Eric Red

The Back Door Man by Dave Buschi

“ You really made the book come alive. It was exciting to listen to it with the voices you gave the characters. You made it seem natural and effortless. Oscar material! ”

Dave Buschi

Dreamwalker by Russell James

“ He knocks Dreamwalker out of the park! After hearing Dreamwalker, I thought 'I wish David could do another one of my books.' ”

Russell James