Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics - by Gregory J. Gbur

“ Narrator David Stifel switches between the roles of physics lecturer and amused observer of the research on one of physics' most pressing questions: Why do falling cats land on their feet? In both roles, Stifel's voice is clear, making it easier for listeners to grasp complicated science concepts. ”

AudioFile Magazine, April 2020

Farewell to Sport - by Paul Gallico

“ David Stifel brings the perfect voice to this aptly named collection of essays on sports, first published in 1938. Emotions run the gamut from sadness to disgust, and Stifel deftly covers them all. ... Gallico's perspective is well worth preserving, and Stifel's narration captures the writer's frank opinions on a bygone era. ”

AudioFile Magazine, May 2015

Awaken Online: Precipice - by Travis Bagwell

“ He is able to narrate the many different characters, including female ones, without fail. Not only does he read what is on the page, he does it with a passion. ”

Paul Stokes, The Audiobook

When Einstein Walked with Godel - by Jim Holt

“ Narrator David Stifel's steady voice provides a welcoming tone as the author gives listeners a window on the seemingly inscrutable nature of the infinite. ... Stifel narrates this work in a clear, accessible style, providing listeners with an entry into a truly fascinating series of intellectual excursions. ”

AudioFile Magazine, August, 2018

A Long December - by Richard Chizmar

“ When I started listening to David Stifel's narration, I thought his voice would be too distinctive, and that it would be hard to distinguish characters. That notion evaporated very quickly as I soon found myself listening to a conversation between two cops and a woman without a moment's doubt as to who was whom. Characters? Mr. Stifel's got a million of 'em. ”

Audible Listener Review

Captain James Hook and the Curse of Pater Pan - by Jeremiah Kleckner and Jeremy Marshall

“ David Stifel's narration was fabulous, one of the best narrations I have ever listened to. His voice can be honey smooth or dangerously sharp. Not only does he convey the personalities of the different characters, he does a fine job of conveying each character's emotions. ”


Blood Soaked and Contagious - by James Crawford

“ This was my first experience listening to David Stifel and after washing all of the blood out of my ears find myself wondering, 'Where have you been' and 'Why have I not found you sooner'. Stifel did not miss a beat, going from being full of seriousness to well timed inappropriate sarcasm. I was transfixed. With audiobooks it really comes down to the narration, for me, and without a good narrator a great story can be turned into just ok. Or in the case of Blood Soaked and Contagious, a pretty good story was turned into amazing and left me wanting so much more. ”

Blood Soaked and Invaded - by James Crawford

“... performer David Stifel's deadpan tones are a great fit for maximizing the humor as Frank the Zombie killer takes care of business.”

Audible Editor Review

“ David Stifel delivers another quality performance with impeccable timing, elevating the cast of quirky characters to a level that would not have been achieved with the written word alone. To find a narrator that seems to be able to get inside the authors head is truly something special. ”

Blood Soaked and Contagious - by James Crawford

“… in this playful and action-packed post-apocalyptic romp performed by David Stifel, who never takes himself too seriously and expertly captures the pulpy quality of Crawford’s prose.”

Audible Editor Review

Neverland - by Douglas Clegg

“ This was just masterful work on your part, David. It went beyond 'narration' and became real storytelling - I found myself hunched over my desk at the end, listening so intently a few times I had to go back and re-listen to 5-10 minutes worth, afraid I'd missed something. Bravo. ”

“ Narration was INCREDIBLE, and David Stifel delivers flawless inflections and variations among characters. He also made me laugh with his superb ability to emphasize the child-like humour in the simplest of things such as 'The Weenie's all-natural, silver-backed bristle brush' (grandma's all-feared hairbrush used to discipline and scold the children). ”

Sharron - Audible Listener Review

The Chessmen of Mars - by Edgar Rice Burroughs

“I spent 15 hours on a road trip with my 12 year old son last weekend. I put on your audiobook and he hung on your every word each mile. iPhone be damned! Thank you for bringing magic to these classic stories with your performances.”

David Casteel, listener

The Back Door Man - by Dave Buschi

“He really nailed this one. Each of the character types, from the little girls to the Russian heavies, were honest, believable and moved the story forward.”

Matthew, listener review